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Welcome to The Microtech World

Welcome to the magical world of microtech pc support!


We are the global leaders in tech support and trouble shooting pc problems,serving the best on the platform of our clients interests.


Nowadays computer has become a very essential part of our daily life like our best friend,serving all our needs and requirements sitting in the comfort of our home and also makes our professional life easier and successful,but sometimes we might face some techinical problems




Well, it was really great working with Richard and Rio, getting my pc faster. Those guys were really on the mark for me. Thanks MicroTech for standing beside me, when I was facing trouble.


– Chris Benedict, Australia 04/11/2001


Thank you Microtech for removing all the infections and making my machine absolutely trouble-free. It was lovely chatting with your technician, Thomas. He was really friendly and knowledgeable.


–Adam Landstrong, Ireland 19/3/2000


Man, what can I say about these guys? Crawley and Terry, or should I say Crawley the Caller and Terry the Tech! They were absolutely awesome helping me out. Besides, they also opened some new routes of learning for me. Thank you MicroTech for being a part in my life!


–Jackie Foster, U.S. 15/8/2003


Though a little bit lengthy, but the session with Paul was really enjoyable, making my internet browsing faster. Give my regards to him from me and let him know, I wanna carry our relationship forward and make it stronger


–David Wayne, U.S. 22/2/2002


The session with MicroTech was enough friendly. The guys out there were really cool, making myself feel the comfort of my bedroom and keep eyes on my computer at the same time. Thank you MicroTech for being so helpful. And let me inform you that, my wife already have spread a lot about you, and soon you will become busy receiving calls from here. With regards.


–Danny Sages, U.K. 16/5/2007


Thanks to Kevin and MicroTech as well for showing me the hidden infections and removing them. With regards.


–Larry Gomes, Canada.25/8/2009


I can’t express how refreshing I feel after you pulled me out of the hassle I’ve been going through for the past one month. It was truly wonderful having your team making my pc like a brand new one. It was definitely great being one of your clients. Thank you MicroTech and Godspeed to you in the route of technology.


–Hannah Morgan, New Zealand. 30/4/2006


Thanks a lot MicroTech, for being so helpful. Without you guys, I would never be able to find out those errors myself. Godspeed to you, my dear lads. No wonder you are the leader of computer solutions nowadays. And I would like to get back to you again. And I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of warmth in your welcoming waiting for me.


–Karen Jennings, Australia. 3/7/2004


Hi Dave, how are you doing? I’m doing real great with my pc here. I can’t express how happy I am right now only by some mere words. Seriously I never knew I had so many junk files stored in my hard disk. I knew something was wrong, but never could I detect the source. Thanks MicroTech for being such a help. Godspeed to you and I wish to get back to you again. And I forgot to mention Richard, probably the funniest guy alive in the world. Give him my regards, thanks once again.


–Peter Osborne, U.S. 23/8/2005


It was lovely having a fun and learns session with Rio. Right now I’m very satisfied with the protections you have provided. Take my regards and Godspeed in the tech life for MicroTech.


–Scott Anderson, Ireland. 10/6/2009


That was probably the best I could do with my pc. The way the team of MicroTech led me and my son was unforgettable. And not to mention Travis, who took amusement and work, both at the same time very handy. Thanks Microtech, for being the best possible solutions for our pc. With regards.


–Daniel Harding, New Zealand.10/8/2005


Off course it took a long time to get the job done for me. But at last, after long 2 months, finally I could check my mails at ease. I don’t know how to thank you properly, but that long session became really fruitful after all. And definitely you are going to get more calls from my friends. So be tight guys! And Godspeed to you all of MicroTech in the upcoming rat-race you will be facing. With regards.


–Norah Spaulding, U.K.15/1/2008


I just got tired of my pc getting slower everyday, so I lost trust on my one time best friend. And I was about to get rid of it, just when I got the call from John of MicroTech Support. And they showed me all my sources of problems and took good care of them. And my pc is back in the new shape again. Once again, I’ve got back one of my best friends. And it would never be possible, if weren’t for you guys. Thanks John, and thanks Microtech. You sure are the leading company in solving pc problems nowadays.


–Nicole Riley, U.S. 6/3/2008


I simply lost interest in opening my webpage everyday and do all my works there. And it was MicroTech, who gave me a new thought after a long day-dreaming. Thank you guys for linking me with a special treatment of web browsing.


–Gerald Carter, Canada. 11/12/2009


Thanks to MicroTech, I’ve got a new taste of computer and technology. And that’s not all! I got my digital camera and the printer fixed up too. And guess what! I didn’t have run here and there for doing all those. It was a nice Sunday eve, and within three hours, they’ve showed me a lot. Thank you once again.


–Monica Alexandria, U.K. 12/7/2009


Just a matter of 3 to 4 hours and MicroTech let me notice hoe technology these days are catching up with our imagination. I really feel honored to be a client of yours, and I’m still enjoying the service given by you. Thanks guys, and I ain’t sure weather this “thanks” is enough to let you know about my level of satisfaction. With regards.


–Stephanie Starling, Ireland. 17/8/2008


It was a splendid experience being a part of the chat session with Rio, the tech guy. And no wonder MicroTech is the world no.1 computer service provider. Thank you.


–Hance McKenzie, New Zealand. 19/3/2008


Being a part of the sessions with MicroTech was definitely mind-blowing. My family is really happy to get a new computer with its old looks. With regards.


–Austin Dyson, U.S. 12/2/2007


A marvelous session with MicroTech and its technicians really made my pc back in old and gold shape. The tech guy called Ferdinand was quite refreshing and friendly. Moreover I didn’t have to run here and there to check out for my computer. I just relaxed in my sofa and watched tv and in the meanwhile, Ferdinand did all the work with greatness. Kudos to you, man! And keep the good show on.


–Monty Trevor, Australia. 24/5/2009


Hey Rio, are you still there with MicroTech? Man, you showed us why you guys are called the number 1. And that too, for a very mere charge. We don’t know how to thank you. With regards.


–William & Nancy Archibald, U.S.28/3/2009


Thank you MicroTech, you have been a great help. I don’t know what else to say. Like helping out an old lady like me, and that too with effective charge, was absolutely touching. Thanks once again and Godspeed to you.


–Aisla Doritos, Ireland. 5/2/2010


Thanks a lot MicroTech for making my pc infection-free. And not to mention, Jacky the technician was really friendly and convincing. Also, the cost for a poor guy like me was absolutely reasonable. There’s no other company I’ve met so far like MicroTech. Thanks again.


–Francis Gibson, U.K. 16/1/2010


I’ve never spoken with a friendly and cool guy like Richard. And never ever have I heard from a marvelous company like MicroTech. No doubt they are the leading global computer service provider.


–Lisa B. Canister, Canada. 18/3/2010


MicroTech is definitely cost effective and well friendly. Check out their sessions for a change. I and my friends did, and we all are satisfied with our machines now. They surely are the leading global computer service provider.


–Bonny L. Anderson, Ireland. 14/1/2010


MicroTech is simply great! I really had no idea about what’s wrong in my pc. But now it feels like I bought it yesterday. And in return, I didn’t have to pay much, but am looking forward to get back to them again after a while. Kudos.


–Orlando Markansus, U.S. 19/4/2010


It was fantastic having a chat session with the technician of MicroTech, and they did come handy for my pc, in return of a very reasonable amount. Thanks a lot for their concern.


–Mary Dawson, U.S. 23/7/2009


Well, the guys from MicroTech have been hugely usefu7l for my pc, and all of my family admires their concern. Kudos and Godspeed to you all.


–Samantha Christensen, Ireland. 21/8/2009


Great work for MicroTech, it was really appreciating. They deserve to be at the top of the globe in terms of technical concerns of the computer.


–Joseph McDonalds, U.K. 8/8/2009


A fabulous session with MicroTech and its technicians have brought back smile to us, as far as computer is concerned. Now its clear to us, why they call themselves the leading global computer related service provider.


–Morny Costar, Australia. 29/5/2009


Well the people from MicroTech were really helpful and friendly, while getting my pc trouble-free. They proved that they are the leading computer maintenance company of the world. I’ve referred your name to some of my friends too, who are facing the same internet problem that I was having. Also, I told them how reasonable price you have for the service. So expect to get yourselves busy now. Thanks and Godspeed. With regards.


–Valerie Berry, New Zealand. 16/4/2010


expert tips

Brian Feathers -(14years/Senior SWF Engg/Aus, Perth)


Keep your anti-virus updated otherwise; you might to bear its brunt sooner or later. I had loaded an anti-virus program in my notebook few months ago and I was quite satisfied with its performance. Everything was fine but on Friday when I was trying to meet deadline of a project, something happed in my notebook and then it got freezed. I called up Microtech immediately. Their technician took some times to pinpoint the issue and then everything got back to normal. Fabulous work.


Jay Williams- (15years/ Software analyst /USA, California)


It is always better to have a fair understanding of the system of your PC. At least you should know the configuration of the processor, storage capacity of hard disk etc. Armed with this knowledge, you might be in a better position while facing problems in your PC. I have had a peculiar problem in my PC few days ago but the expert technician of Microtech had managed to redress it quickly as I gave him some valuable inputs about that particular problem. It was overall a great experience.


Amanda O'flaherty - (7years/Program Analyst /Ireland, Cork)


Try to take back up of important data as many times as possible. Just make it a habit if you do not want to get a good thrashing from your boss. Last Sunday, my PC went off all of a sudden and to my horror, all my data got lost. I dialed up Microtech and to my relief; a person took my call and gave a patient hearing to all my grievances. Then my call was transferred to a technician, he did something for few minutes, and I got everything back that I thought I had lost forever. Really a Great job. Thanks Microtech for your support.


Jim Wayne- (5Years/softwre tester/USA, NYC)


Do not ignore error message under. I had the habit of ignoring error messages until I had experienced something that I did not want to experience at all. Last Monday, when I was just going to wind up, I found that the PC turned off automatically. I tried to turn it on but no avail. I called up Microtech and thankfully; they brought it back to its previous operational stage. Their helpdesk was very friendly. I would like to recommend Microtech to you all for all your computer related issues.


Margaret Baxter- (8years /Swf consultant/UK, London)


Never install Vista in your PC without knowing the exact configuration of your PC. I was about to kill my PC yesterday, when I tried to install vista in it. But somehow, I sensed the danger and asked Microtech for immediate assistance. They fixed the issue with remarkable ease and I am really glad to get my computer back. Thanks a lot Microtech.


Sean Wright-(2years/Swf Engineer/Canada, Montreal)


Just keep your computer’s hard disk clean. This is all I can suggest you, if you do not want your computer to slow down over the time. As I was not aware of this issue, I had loaded loads of unwanted software packages in my computer and it was having a detrimental effect on the performance on my PC. When I was fed up with the poor performance, I contacted Microtech and then I came to know what was wrong in my PC.


Fiona Gilchrist- (7years/ Java Struts Developer/Australia ,Amsterdam)


It is good to have a simple design and structure of computer network in an office. Things can take a serious turn if the design is extremely complex. I was having some problems in the network, but I had failed to figure it out what was wrong, until I informed this issue to the technician of Microtech. They did not take more than 15 minutes to get things under control. Awesome performance.


Micheal Baldwin- (8years/Oracle Administrator/United Kingdom Cambridge)


When it comes to setting your password, you need to very particular about it. Be sure to make it a hard nut to crack. I was much in the habit of choosing simple password, but it was a security breach that taught me a good lesson. Thanks to Microtech, the entire thing finally settled, but it was truly an unforgettable experience for me.

Brendon Kenny- (12years/SWFdeveloper/Ireland, Dublin)


If you want to make you PC work fast, de-fragment your computer’s hard disk. It will definitely reduce the risks of generating system errors. Microtech has advised me to de-fragment hard disk of my PC and now it is running smoothly.


Chris Adams- (15years/SWF engineer/Canada, Toronto)


Cleaning up registry is one of those few things that you should not miss out any cost. As it stores everything about your computer, it has to be cleaned on regular basis. But you should dare to do it single-handedly if you do not know how to do it. Better to ask a Microtech professional because he knows how to do it precisely.



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